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Are You Ready For Change?


We often wonder if we’re on the right path. If where we’re headed is the right way and if our direction will lead us to where we want to be. Is our life’s purpose guiding us correctly, or is there interference between our heart and minds?

The truth is, we’re only “there” for a short period, and then we move on to a different path. Some paths we stay connected to and become integrated in us as a part of our lives, but still, every illusioned destination is temporary, it’s only happening until it is simply no longer or we move  to a new exploration.

Think of all the different things you said you wanted to be when you grew up. The age old question we ask young children can receive a myriad of imagined answers. Veterinarian was on my top, which later turned into a chef, later changed to journalist and magazine designer. All of these different desires held temporarily spaces in my life where they severed purposes, and then it would morph into new interests.

Instead of viewing this life’s journey as an aimless walk down an unknown ambiguous path why not instead get excited at the possibility that your choice, change and growth determine your journey. Will you have all the answers? No. Will you feel more grounded and settled in yourself despite life’s ambiguity? Yes. Why? Because you’re able to take ownership in your life, it puts you in the artists chair with your own colorful pallet choosing what color the paint brush gets dipped in.


If you live with the impression that you have no say in what happens to you, then you won’t. If you live a life where you know you’re able to create what’s possible for you, then opportunities will open up at every corner. Yes life has its way of charting a course for us, and I’m not saying that unexpected sorrows and joys won’t happen. However the majority passive thinking that life is a designated one way path with no variations won’t get any of us really any where we want to be. You have an internal compass for a reason, it’s called your intuition and I highly recommend using it.

Like ripples in the water, we change. You’re allowed to change, your hair your mind, your job, your marriage, your mindset. That’s how you grow. Maybe it’s more about moving through a steady stream of life, jumping from one rock, to another big rock, stumbling, falling maybe, balancing, and gaining stability until it’s time to move to the next big boulder. Don’t live life questioning whether you’re heading towards what you want to happen, use that energy instead on focusing what you will do when you do get what you want. Are you ready for it? Are you ready for the next big jump? Focus on being ready, it’s not all about getting there friends, it’s about opening yourself to the idea that you have a choice in getting your heart’s desires. Ready yourself for the next big rock. Ready? Set, jump!







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2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Change?

  1. Love love love how you describe life’s journey. ” some paths stay connected to us…”- love that! For me at this point in my journey, depression has been integrated in my life and I’m learning how to own this season and my life and still be the “artist”. The way you describe this just makes me feel better about having depression in my life, if that sounds crazy ! Thank you!

    1. Dominique thank you for sharing your comment. What a testament to the work you’ve done on moving through everything to get to the point you are now. I believe depression on so many levels is a human experience and I cannot say what it is for me to hear you accept this part of your experience. It’s not easy, and you’re brave and fierce for doing it. Thank you, again for sharing with me. – Kari

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