Four Ingredient Fudge (Paleo)

Four Ingredient Fudge

There nothing quite like chocolate and raspberries when it comes to a dessert. Am I right? I’ve gotten to the point where sweets really aren’t a huge part of my life, but having something that satisfies that craving once and a while is so nice! That’s why I love this four ingredient fudge.

I’ve been making this “fudge” forever now but never posted it. It’s one of those “it’s so simple you don’t need a recipe” kind of recipes. But then again that’s pretty much how I cook across the board. You’ll know this is especially if you have my ebook Mind & Body Balancing. 

These little guys are super easy to make, full of healthy fats and no added sugar.

Half the fun of making these is that they seem like they would take a lot of effort but I am pretty sure it takes maybe 15 minutes in all to whip these up. Time saver and life saver because chocolate is considered an emergency, no?


Four Ingredient Fudge


I have always loved bitter dark chocolate, and I spent most of childhood in Belgium after all. I was never huge into candy, in fact I had been known to still have Halloween candy come Valentines day, and Valentines day candy come Christmas. (That was unless my dog, Rusty, didn’t get into it!) But when it comes to simple rich cocoa and you’ve got me!

Lately I’ve been working on so many different aspects of my life personally and professionally. I love this idea of constant refinement from a place of love for myself. The resounding theme as always been simplify. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Often times we make things so much more complicated for ourselves than it needs to be. In love, relationships, work, friendship and even food. My approach to nutrition has always been simplistic so that the ingredients really shines. It just is even more apparent to me how this can shift so much in your life if you apply it.



If you think about what’s overwhelming your right now. How can you simplify? What is there to let go of or pare back? Maybe you apply it to a relationship. How can you simplify together, maybe that’s a gesture or quality time of just being together rather than a gift or grandiose event. Perhaps it looks like you letting go of whatever story you’re telling yourself about that person who may or may not be interested in you.

When we simplify, we’re able to really take full joy in what remains instead of feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of it all.  Its like a really high quality dark chocolate. When you eat it, you’re able to savor it, notice the subtle tones of different flavors in this one food. It’s a complete experience in itself. Rather than something like a dark chocolate cake stuffed with ganache, topped with raspberry sauce, sprinkled with powdered sugar and infused with the essence of rose. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds lovely, but what  you’ll likely get from is far more sensory overwhelming and less pure enjoyment. And imagine, you wouldn’t want to eat that all the time would you?

By simplifying things we take the time to appreciate and slow down.  We take the time to cherish and revel. That’s a true dessert experience to me, and the way I approach nutrition, and have been working to integrate into other parts of life.

What could simplifying do for your life right now? Besides, enjoying this chocolate fudge! 😉



Serves: 12-18


2 cans full fat organic coconut milk
1/2 cup cocoa powder (carob powder if AIP*)
10 drops liquid stevia
1/2 tablespoon cinnamon

  • optional fruit to garnish!
  • optional coconut milk drizzle



  1. Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender or food processor.
  2. Separate into silicone molds or spread out in a loaf pan for square pieces.
  3. completely smooth out the after and add any toppings you like (or don’t!)
  4. Place in the freezer for 1 hour. Voila!
  5. For the coconut milk drizzle, simply melt 1 tablespoon of coconut milk in a sauce pan, and then drizzle over top of the fudge.


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Four Ingredient Fudge





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