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Grain(less) Bowls – Paleo, AIP

Grainless Bowl

It’s the newest trend in the foodie culture to sit down to a big bowl of grains filled with all kinds of warm yummy toppings like eggs, greens, vegetables and other delicious edibles. So in doing what I feel is a public service to what I’d call the “non-grain community” at large is create a “grainless” bowl that resembles it’s original inspiration, yet tastier, more nutrient dense, and vegetable focused.


These bowls are the perfect dish to transition from winter to spring as they’re served warm, with warming spices and a pop of citrus from the kumquats. Personally, around this time of the year I cannot get enough of kumquats to save my life! They’re so fun, for one, and for two they are basically nature’s starburst!!



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