60 Day High-Touch
Group Coaching

 60 Day High-Touch Group Coaching is a live program that dives deep into helping you transform the patterns and conditioning that are keeping you stuck. This program allows you to step into a healthy relationship with your own self-talk, create a positive self-image, and nurture an undeniable self-acceptance that you deeply desire. 

This is for you if you're ready for personalized attention, actionable approach and are ready to move forward into truly loving and accepting yourself. 

The next group of like-minded worthy women start February 1st! Together we walk the path to deeper self-understanding and confidence. 

This your time, let's walk the journey together.

Imagine if...

- What you wanted in your life became clear, and easy to make happen

- You actually knew how to recognize your intuition, and then how to truly listen to it

- You stopped your self-sabotaging behaviors and learned how to care for yourself with grounded action

- You truly deeply loved who you are, and forgave yourself for ever doubting it

- You ended the war with your negative thought patterns, and finally felt good about yourself

- You had the tools to practice self-compassion, and continue to grow it for the rest of your life

My signature  method is rooted in self-healing,  based in psychology, the Focusing Technique and self-acceptance tools that have been proven in my work with one on one clients, and my own self-awakening and expertise as a transformative coach.

This step-by-step process guides you into your own self-belief, empowerment, and self-trust that you will continue to build upon for the rest of your life.

I’ve taken everything I have learned in coaching thousands of women, creating a global audience, and membership courses, to develop a method that is proven to get women from not feeling enough to owning their worth and showing up as themselves. 

I teach you how to heal your relationship with yourself by uncovering old patterns and beliefs that have created the platform for your negative thoughts that have left you stuck. 

In learning how to change this, it builds self-trust, confidence, and deep self-understanding that transforms the relationship you have with yourself. This process will give you the tools to sustain and approach your life fully from your pure soul desires.

This is for you if you’re ready to positively impact the way you navigate life. You’re ready to show up for yourself and feel immense joy in who you are, and trust in your intuition. 

I can't wait to show you what's next.

This is for you if...

-You're tired of living in the all or nothing mindset trap

- You're ready to feel good about yourself again, and not just superficial but real grounded confidence

- You know that you're meant for more but you let your self-sabotage hold you back

- You feel lost or disconnected from yourself

- You crave connection and often feel alone with your struggles

- You don't know up or down when it comes to your emotions, and often fear being consumed by them

- You're tired of your mindset impacting your relationship

- You're done putting yourself down and allowing negative self-talk to consume you

hey love, I'm Kari

Your coach! I am on a mission to help you connect more deeply to your inner knowing, build lasting trust and unbreakable relationship to yourself. 

As a personal transformational coach, with a passion for helping women put themselves first, I'm here to help you shift your mindset, create better self-talk and learn to trust yourself. Together we walk the path to deeper self-understanding and confidence.

I once sat exactly where you are. I had low self-esteem, poor self-talk and very little self-worth. I'd been in terrible relationships that made me question myself all the time, never quite sure and after dealing with chronic illness for a decade I became deeply familiar with how quickly our own mind can deplete our sense of self. 

I came out of these experiences questioning who I was, what I wanted from life and I realized that there was so much I didn't know about myself. I started the deep work of uncovering my true self and embracing the parts of me that had been so degraded. 

Now I help women all over the world transform the relationship with themselves too.

My Group Coaching program is years upon years of research, psychology education, specialized mindset training, inner relationship work, and individualized client work,  gathered into a 60 day program for you.

I am here to help you find inner acceptance and wholeness within yourself.

What women are saying...

"I have found a beautiful and strong voice in the face of negative self-talk, this has been so freeing! I learned so much more about myself, and how to be with myself. This has increased my sense of self-compassion and helped me take action in supporting myself more."


"Kari has helped me gain more awareness of my desires, feelings, and triggers. She has helped me strengthen my sense of self-worth, and embrace my intuition. She has helped me focus on the here and now and be present.   Working with Kari is priceless."


"I have entirely changed the way I think and speak about myself. I have forgiven myself for letting my weight get to the point it did, which has lead to a self-compassion that I've never known before. And without Kari, I know I would not be in this place today."


"I found the calls so insightful to what I struggle with. Now I am able to unpack my emotions more, which has been so powerful. Before I'd put my emotions away instead of facing them. This and other things that I have learned in the program have been so powerful."


"Before I began this, I thought 'yea, yea I know what self-love is.' but didn't have it. I went from tolerating myself, to actually genuinely liking myself through this process.""


"Every single question she'd ask me made me think deeper about my overall life. Working with Kari was truly life changing."


Kari didn't just provide information, she actually taught me how to apply it to my life. I analyzed my own behavior and thoughts and learned ways to actually change them.Since then I've been so much more at peace and happy overall. I highly recommend Kari's program!"


What you get


Live weekly coaching calls where we deeper into your specific questions, ah-ha moments, support your needs as you navigate through the journey. These calls will be live, and recorded for you to refer back to. 


Video lessons and audio recordings to help you navigate the mindset, deep uncovering and perspective shifting work. This is where you learn to take action and show up for yourself. 


Keep me in your pocket! You will never be alone through this journey as I am along side you closely in our private group chat, alongside the other incredible network of women doing the work too.

What you'll learn...


 Do you feel confused about what you want in life? Are you looking for clarity about the direction in your life? Do you feel like you’re just moving through the motions of your life and not satisfied where are now? Are you tired of constantly seeking for something else to make you happy, and always falling short? 

Group coaching with Kari helps you uncover the clarity you’re looking for in your life and your next direction. It teaches you how to access the wisdom you already have inside of you, so you stop seeking the answers outside of yourself and start finding them within, in turn beginning to build your confidence and self-trust.


Feeling disconnected emotionally from yourself? Constantly seeking opinions of others about what you should or shouldn’t do? Tired of feeling broken, like something to be fixed and struggling to put the pieces together? Ready to set your foundation of trusting yourself to cultivate true self-love?

This method guides you with practical tools on how to nurture your self-trust and build an unshakeable resolve with yourself. You are taught how to build a foundational support for yourself that will be the basis for your self-love and confidence. 


Are you struggling with self-doubt, expectations of others or people pleasing? Are you tired of never feeling enough? Over comparing yourself to others and constantly feeling like you need to prove yourself, to yourself, and others?

This method will help you build grounded and unconditional self-trust, self-love and inner compassion that will allow you to step into living authentically + unapologetically. You feel like a bada$$ aren’t afraid to dance with your emotions and start to action towards what you really want.


Tired of self-sabotage constantly getting in the way of pursuing your soul’s desires? Do you find you are living from a place of obligation instead of intention? Are you ready to stop holding yourself back? Do you feel like your mindset is stuck in a “I don’t deserve this, I am not worthy.” mentality and you need some help busting through that?

This method teaches you how to have solid inner communication + radical self-honesty so you can not only get out of your own way, but actually go for what you want in your life by truly knowing how to listen to yourself.  You will know you are worthy and deserving of all that you want in life. 

Ready to show up for yourself? Let's change your story...


  • Why it works
  • How much time?
  • what's the cost?
  • How big is the group?

Groups are small, and for a reason. This is a group coaching program but it will never be a large group because I know how important the conversations we have in our live weekly calls are and that you get the specialized coaching with me. 

If there are a ton of people in a group, it becomes even harder to get attentions with limited time, and I am so invested in you getting the results you truly need.

This means that spaces are limited and spots will fill up quickly. So if you're ready, be sure to secure your spot.

You can expect to get to know your ladies group well and feel deeply supported and connected to them along the way.

Change the way you live, think and love yourself starting together February 1st, 2021!


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