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Italian Kale & Sausage Soup

Italian Kale & Sausage Soup

In the winter time, soup is everything to me. I love being able to curl up with a piping bowl full of bone broth whether its morning, noon or night. It doesn’t matter. I especially love soups that don’t take much effort, I think many of us can agree that having a pot simmer on the stove without having much to do with it is ideal. This is especially true I find more me during the Holidays.

This year the Holiday season has been especially filling for me in many ways. I have what seems to be all of the sudden a raging social life which really nourishes my spirit. While I love this, because connecting with people is how I restore and gain some of my energy it also makes me really busy so soup is perfect to being able to have food whenever I need it.

Italian Kale & Sausage Soup

I love this soup because it’s super filling and simply flavored.  I especially love the Lacinato kale in this soup, its my favorite kind of kale, it has a richer flavor and a deeper green which lends loads of high amounts nutrients like vitamin K and vitamin A and C. All of which are vitally important not only to our bodies but especially during the winter months, leafy greens are a must have.

It wasn’t until I started incorporating as many greens as possible into my diet that I realized how much my body craved them and how much better I felt because of them! Kale is especially known for it’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties making it a superior choice for nutrient richness.

Italian Kale & Sausage Soup

Trust me you’ll want to cozy up with a bowl of this for the winter weeks to come!



Italian Kale & Sausage Soup


4 links garlic chicken sausages (I actually like Trader Joes (Garlic & Herb) the ingredients are solid and as close to AIP as possible, alternatively you could use ground turkey and garlic for the soup!)

5 medium turnips cubed
3 cups Lacinato kale
6 cups bone broth
1 onion chopped
1/2 fresh fennel bulb chopped
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 tsp pepper (AIP reintroduction stage 1)


  1. Heat a stock pot on stove to medium an add in the coconut oil. Chop the sausages in half length wise and then in small half circles. Add to the stock pot and begin to brown.
  2. Once the meat is browned add in the chopped onion and fennel and cook them until translucent.
  3. Meanwhile peel and chop the turnips into cubes. Once the onions are done add in the bone broth and then add in the turnips and simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. The turnips will become tender, then add in the kale, salt and pepper and cook for another 10 minutes.




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    1. Thank you so much for catching that. Yes I changed it to be correct, 4 turnips should be in the ingredient list. And I don’t have a print button but thank you for asking I’ll look into getting that!

  1. I made this tonight – it hit the spot! Delicious, this will be a staple in our house this winter. Thanks for sharing.

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