The Sacred Self Journal

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    160 pages for Inner connection. 
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    over 100 journal prompts. 
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    know your heart & affirm who you are. 

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"My friend gifted me this journal, I'm loving it! I've never been able to stick with journaling and so far have only missed one day since getting it. Thank you!

- Jamie

“It's been two weeks of consistent journaling and I already feel so much more connected, closer and in a better state of mind with myself. I know that this is working. I know that I can have a deep relationship with myself and it's changing everything.”

- Jessica

“The Sacred Self Journal has been a game-changer for me. Short daily prompts have helped me better tune into what I'm feeling and make connections. An outcome that has surprised me has been a feeling of more accountability to myself. By clarifying goals, both short and long term, I'm more likely to act. Thank you Kari, for creating this simple, sweet tool that has helped me cultivate self-love, self-care and overall acceptance, even of the hard stuff. Can't wait to get my second one and keep writing. Emoji

- Lauren

 Inside The Journal


Daily prompts to uncover what's on your heart, identify what you need to support yourself in feeling how you want to feel. Affirmations for self-acknowledgement and a daily gratitude practice deepens the your inner connection and strengthens the trust with yourself. 


Over 100 insightful prompts to get you curious about your inner experiencing and in tune with what truly matters to you. Grow the connection to yourself through curiosity and clarity. Have the space to be present with and listen to what really needs to be revealed. How can you know yourself more?


160 pages full of prompts, reflection opportunities, space for you to focus on how you want to feel, and how to nourish yourself to get those feelings. You'll find a greater sense of gratitude and confidence in supporting yourself in connecting to what matters.


Truly affirm who you are through words of encouragement to support you in becoming who you want to be. Over 60 affirmations examples to support you in aligning with authentic ways to affirm your self-belief. Grow your self-belief and feel confident.

About the Author: Kari Owens

Kari Owens is a Life Coach and Speaker on a mission to help women connect more deeply to themselves, build lasting trust and unbreakable relationships to themselves. She's been featured on MindBodyGreen, 20Some, and has spoken at Universities and events across the country. She's taken everything she uses to support her clients in forming deeper relationships to themselves and put it into the Sacred Self Journal©.


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A daily journal for inner connection and loving who you are.

Self-love grows from self-understanding.

Self-understanding comes from getting to know your soul. 

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