Journey in 

retreat weekend

An immersive self-love experience

Orcas island, wa
​MARCH 15th-17th, 2019

​In today's world it's easy for us as women to lose sight of who we are and what we want. To lose touch with our true needs and our intimate desires.

We need a way to go deep and see ourselves and our world with fresh and curious eyes.

Welcome to the Journey In Retreat- A weekend dedicated to giving you the space to connect deeper with your soul, spirit, and vibrant individuality.

The Journey In Retreat is sure to transform you through connecting you deeper to yourself, building your self-love, and helping you rediscover your joy.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in serene Orcas Island, a nature-filled healing oasis.

With yoga, mindfulness, and self-care sessions, this is a time for self-reflection and personal growth.



From $500 per person for a limited time only.

 "When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens."


2 nights; 3 days, a retreat to refuel and connect to your soul 

Daily yoga sessions (for every body, no prior yoga experience required) 

Daily self-care + self-love sessions with Kari

Nature trails and walks

Healing soaking tubs and saunas

Nourishing health-promoting meals 100% gluten-free, with AIP and Vegan options 


My mission is to provide space and opportunity for like-minded women to connect more deeply to themselves, to each other in person and the nature that surrounds us. 

You will come away feeling free to go after what you desire, empowered to own who you are, and supported in your personal growth.


Hey there lovely, 

I have coached hundreds of women into their own power.

Now I have the opportunity to bring the power of the women in my community together in person, and my heart can explode literally just thinking about it.

We all have this innate desire to connect to each other in real life.

This digital age has made us all the more aware of how precious and intimate that time face-to-face really is.

​Which is why this retreat is focused on connection and journeying into yourself.

As a group we will support ​each individual's journey while connecting with like-minded women to create our own nourishing network. ​


Coming to Orcas Island may feel like you're traveling to the edge of the Earth. The "gem of the San Juans" (as locals call it) is a sacred unique island boasting incredible shorelines, mountain top trails, quaint villages and stunning views of marine wildlife.

Doe Bay Resort, a rustic Northwest icon, is known for it's intimate island location, healing spas, saunas, sea kayaking, hidden natural location and relaxing water views.  

I invite you to the "Emerald isle", breathe in the fresh northwest island air, reconnect, and nurture yourself on this spiritual island ground. 



- Lodging 

- Food

- Yoga Sessions

- Self-Care Sessions

- Self-Love Sessions

- Ritual 

- Nature exploration

- Connection

- Spa : soaking tub, sauna room


- Travel : Airfare and transportation are not included.

There is ferry travel to Orcas Island, which is not included. However, Kari will help coordinate carpools among the women attending, and can help accommodate those carpools if you are flying in. 

- Spa Extras : massage, add on spa services


(Early bird access - Price goes up after October 31st! Price includes the whole retreat package) 

(Sold Out) 

(Sold Out) 

Retreat Weekend Only details: Includes full retreat weekend and food, does not include accommodations. Accommodations can be found at the Doe Bay Resort through renting a private cabin or yurt.


Friday 3/15

3:00-7:00pm - Check in & Welcome

7:30pm - Dinner

8:30pm -Introduction Gathering

Saturday 3/16

7:00 am - Sadhana

(Energization exercises, breath work, meditation)

8:30 -Breakfast

9:30 - Yoga Embodiment Exploration & Lesson

12:00 - Lunch

1:30 - Guided Nature Connection Walk

2:30 - Journey In - Self-Love & Self Care Sessions

4:30 - Spa Time 

(massage, walk, journal, sauna, soaking tubs)

7:00 - Goddess Dinner

9:00 - Evening ritual blessing

9:30 - Close and sleep well

Sunday 3/17

7:00am - Sadhana


8:30- Breakfast

9:30- Self-Love Yoga

10:45 - Coming Home Session

12:00 - Break and snack

1:00 - Blessing

1:30 - Ending Ritual 

Checkout/Voyage Home

(schedule subject to change)


If you know me, you know that nourishing food is absolutely everything. Which is why this retreat is 100% gluten free, with AIP (autoimmune protocol), vegan and vegetarian options. This retreat menu was created for sacred nourishment, keeping it light, simple and nutritious. I prioritized having options for everyone, while maximizing flavor.

We all deserve to put ourselves first when it comes to nutrition, and this weekend won't miss that mark. 

Breakfasts :

  • Almond or Coconut Milk Yogurts (gf, aip, v)
  • Granola (gf, v)
  • Fruit assortment
  • GF muffins (gf)
  • Scrambled eggs 
  • Vegetable hash (gf, aip, v)

  • Avocado toast bar (gf)
  • Coffee, warm herbal teas

Lunches : 

  • Nourishing veggie soup (gf)
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (gf, aip, v)
  • Salad (gf, aip, v)
  • Fruit 

Dinners : 

  • Lemon thyme chicken skewers (gf, aip, v)
  • Veggie lemon thyme skewers (gf, aip, v)
  • Yogurt dipping sauce (gf, v)
  • Simple salad with avocado, oil lemon herb dressing with  sacha inchi seeds (gf, aip, v)

  • Simple greens salad with spirulina or ginger dressing with steamed beets (gf, aip, v)
  • Simple roasted salmon with pesto sauce (gf, aip, v)
  • Whipped squash / roasted broccoli  (gf, aip, df)
  • Kombucha, wine, vinegar shrub, tea 

Dessert : 

  • Ritual chocolate (gf, v)
  • Dairy free ice creams (gf, aip, v)

(menu is subject to change)

Don't miss out! 

This weekend retreat is the perfect opportunity to take a break, reconnect with yourself and put yourself first! 

Let's get social- come say hi!

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