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Let Yourself Be Divinely Guided

Letting Yourself Be Divinely Guided


Often times we get wrapped up in these ways of being in society. Who we are, what we do, what we stand for, what football team we root for, what type of food we eat or don’t eat, it is exhausting to live within some of the boxes we create for one another.  Whether we realize it or not all of these parts of ourselves, these things we engage in some ways become our identity and close us off to truly experiencing the wonder of the world.

We can become rigid in our thinking because our egotistical opinions are perpetuating our own agenda while societal expectations are governing our judgement. It is rare that we often question the path we may be on. We’re settled into a routine, it’s comfy when there’s no room for change or curiosity.

It’s not all bad, but there is one huge problem I see with this. It limits our capacity to be open to the idea that our life can be radically different simply based on our actions. Based on our simple, every day choices and the way we approach life we can experience living in an entirely different way. You can be scared, or unsure, and actually marvel at these feelings!

When we’re able to let go of some of what we feel is expected of us, we can actually start tapping into the joy that we  can invite into our lives and to others solely by small circumstantial choices.

A few months ago I was walking outside a cafe, there was a man on the sidewalk and I smiled gingerly at him. He smiled back. He was older than me, non-threatening but  I wasn’t instantly drawn to him.

About an hour later I had forgotten all about this brief moment when I saw him approaching me from inside the cafe. He had a gentle demeanor and an anticipatory stare, “Are you interested in salsa dancing?” He asked me.

Funny thing, I was! It had been on my mind for a while and though I hadn’t been actively pursuing these thoughts, I wanted to start dancing. We started chatting and he told me about  dance lessons in the ballroom above where we were talking. He then says, “I am going to sign up, would you like to be my partner?”Everything inside of me screamed, YES!!

“Absolutely,” I told him. After exchanging information he left, and I started laughing. This is how I live. This is who I am, a person who says yes to random opportunities because I see it as a way to fall in love with the world and my life at each new adventure.

I am fairly positive that any one of my girl friends would have sent him swiftly on his way with an err of caution in creepiness. But it wasn’t like that, I could tell it was a genuine proposal. And I realized that this was a pivotal moment. I could have said no to something in my life based off of what I am “told” is appropriate, right or wrong by society, weird creepy, insane or otherwise. OR I could trust my feelings knowing that I am divinely guided in all of my decisions. Radical, I know.

This is how I live.  I live from a space of saying yes. FUCK YES! And not always in a throw-caution to the wind, YOLO, now let me do something reckless kind of way, but instead from a place of deep understanding that life is solely based on the opportunities we take, the people we meet, and what we do with both of these in the given time we have. I refuse to see the world in any other way than a giant opportunity to have fun, be amazed, feel fear, be ridiculously excited, cry (A LOT) and actually do what brings me joy. I don’t just say that I want to do things, I do them. I take action, because frankly, it’s just more exciting. It’s a way of living that actually makes you feel alive.

This man is now one of the greatest friends I have had the opportunity of knowing. I have learned so much from him – an invaluable connection that I will carry with me for the rest of my time on Earth.  And imagine, what a loss if I’d have said “No, thanks. ”

When you’re willing to step into the realm of uncertainty and ambiguity you open yourself up to infinite possibilities in your life experience.

Don’t be afraid to say YES to life. Let your joy be ignited by the possibility of really being ALL IN in everything your life offers to you.

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  1. Your writing gives me chills! It is so clear that you speak from the heart and a place of deeper knowing. thank you for sharing your truth…it is inspiring 🙂

    1. Yes Brenda! There is a subscription box on the website 🙂 you can add your email through there! You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with posts!

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