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Chronic inflammation has become widespread in today’s society between stressful jobs, harmful eating habits and lack of understanding into the causes of inflammation. The Mind & Body Balancing eBook is a guide to help counteract inflammation in the body through food and lifestyle. This guide provides in depth information into what systemic inflammation really is, the causes, practical therapies to use to help in reducing inflammation, as well as, easy to implement daily lifestyle modifications. PLUS there are over 20 completely unique recipes to enjoy!

Inflammation is a slow moving but disease harboring process that over time can cause numerous health problems. Getting it under control now has never been more important. Learn about the specific foods to fight inflammation in the body and how to prepare them to use food as medicine.
This guide will show you what foods remove and add to your diet, lifestyle modifications to reduce stress and as well as a list of in depth information regarding therapies that can help in the reduction of the chronic inflammatory response. Mind & Body Balancing: A Guide to Counteract Inflammation Through Food and Lifestyle is essential to those looking to deal with chronic inflammation through holistic remedies.


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