Get out of overwhelm,

step into satisfaction

Reduce stress, start taking action and feel confident again.

Feeling like you're constantly behind? 


Every single person knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed. It leads to paralyzing inaction, procrastination, feeling incompetent and piles of lists (or literal physical things) that can be hard to climb your way out of. 

Feeling overwhelmed  is a universal experience.

You may be overwhelmed from

- the demands of your job

- the weight of the household chores

- from debilitating grief

- endless to-do-lists

- a struggling relationship ​

- juggling the kids schedule

There are a million things that can contribute to feeling overwhelmed.

You know what it feels like to not be 100% at anything and trying to figure out how the heck are you going to do it all.

This stress doesn’t cherry-pick. You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it.

It can be debilitating to know how to navigate.

So when you’re feeling the weight of overwhelm that feeling of being engulfed with aimless direction and a lack of ability to take action - what do you do?

  • Do you freeze?
  • Do you procrastinate?
  • Do you stuff down your feelings?
  • Do you make lists, where you feel better in the moment but then your joy quickly fades because the list is never ending?
  • Do you attempt to pretend like it’s all under control until the pot boils over?

You probably have sky high expectations of yourself. 

That voice in your head telling you you didn’t do enough, you should have, you’re lazy, you’re unaccomplished and in the end all you feel is completely unsatisfied with yourself.

When you’re not in a position of inner strength to it's harder to combat the more powerful negative voices in your mind. 

Those feelings of being inadequate, not accomplishing everything you ought to be able to and never feeling like you’re doing or are enough are hurting you in being able to get out of overwhelm.

There are better ways to change the relationship to overwhelm.

There are ways to make it easier on us to move forward with life, instead of feeling like we’re always pushing against the resistance created from overwhelm.

We all know this feeling overwhelmed all the time is one of the biggest problems we face.

Here's where I can help.

More Than Zero is a lifestyle and mindset accountability program designed to help you weed out the noise of overwhelm to take action on what really matters and bring back confidence and contentment within yourself. 

More Than Zero started as a mantra in my head. A moving meditation. In the darkest most desperate time in my life it became a way to get me up off the couch and reminded me that I am still capable, and no matter how small, progress is still progress.

Over the course of time it became a way of helping myself live. I applied my own coaching practices and tools onto myself and started understanding a new way that I needed to approach my life and the looming overwhelm.

  • It gave me a solid ground for finding the confidence again within myself.
  • It offered me a detour from motivation towards empowerment again.
  • I started being able to take action.
  •  Feelings I had about not measuring up or meeting my standards started to soften and take new shape. 

Within a new construct of handling anxiety and overwhelm I opened up a new pathway to living with all of the demands that surrounded me.


I want to help you do that too.

This program is designed to help you

  • Gain empowerment through accountability which is necessary in taking action and shifting overwhelm.
  • Facilitate you having powerful perspective shifts that stick and allow you to live with less stress. ​
  • Understand your strengths as an avenue for moving away from swimming upstream and never feeling like you’re making progress.
  • Take action and get oriented on what matters most to you.

I've taken all my coaching experience, past personal experience and now the rock bottom of my life to help you move out of the state of overwhelm and constant anxiety and am channeling it into the More Than Zero Membership.

This is for you if...


You’re overwhelmed with all you have on your plate in life and are struggling to take action.


You feel inadequate, like you can never do anything at 100%, you're falling short and it's impacting your confidence.


You're procrastinating, self-sabotaging and having a hard time reaching your goals for what you want in life.


You're mentally and emotionally tapped from trying to find solutions and you're ready to get off the merry-go-round of overwhelm.


You find yourself breaking down over the lists of things to accomplish but can't find the motivation to make anything be different.




Live trainings from Kari and guest experts on overwhelm, stress and life management. Talk through your personal struggles, gain insight and perspective on managing stressors and overwhelm.

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Learn how to play to your strengths and operate in a way that's more collaborative with yourself than fighting for motivation in the moment.


Learn how to think differently to self-regulate and approach overwhelm with new understandings.


Nurture a confidence that comes from a well of self-understanding and belief in your capabilities in handling the stress of your life. 

Hi, I'm Kari Keith.

If we haven't met before I'm a Life and Mindset Coach and have been helping women find their grounded confidence and strong inner voices for years.

I've helped women shift their mindsets to go after big career dreams, earn more money than they imagined possible, start families they had been dreaming of, and overhaul their relationships so they can live more in congruence with their values.

I've been helping women see the truth within themselves for quite a while now. The love for doing this was born out of my own journey in doing that for myself a decade ago.

Most recently though I've started a new path I could have never imagined I would be walking. I became a mom whose daughter died. I didn't know how to function. I didn't want to assume this role. I absolutely 1000% wanted to refuse the life I was living. It could not be real.

But it is.

I was overwhelmed with grief after my daughter died.  I could not cook or clean or meet other basic needs in the direct aftermath of losing her.

As time passed I was still overwhelmed with grief but other things started to encroach into that overwhelm. I was overwhelmed thinking about shopping in a grocery store again, I was overwhelmed thinking about doing all of the house tasks again, I was overwhelmed beginning to work again.

I was overwhelmed at the thought of having to create a life as a different person.

The steps to meet myself again were micro ones, and ones only I could take.

I've been coaching for almost a decade now. And as my brain became less disoriented in my grief I started to support myself in taking action, finding my way amidst the overwhelm and managing the anxiety I felt in creating this very different life.

I felt lost. The voices in my head started to get louder.

I was struggling to take action to get out of feeling overwhelmed with everything I wanted and needed to accomplish but at the end of the day even when I would take action, even if small, I felt underwhelmed, unaccomplished, like I hadn’t done enough.

I've helped my clients free themselves from the strong negative voices in their heads to step into deep grounded confidence.

I know how to play this game. 

But the game also changed. Yet, so have I.

From this place I had to find new ways to coach myself. New supportive self-talk. New ways of empowering myself. Out of this my idea of More Than Zero manifested. 

I derive a lot of satisfaction in helping my clients change their lives and have big transformations. Sometimes we forget that it's the small incremental wins that actually add up to whole picture of a person we see on the outside. 

Get out of overwhelm,

step into satisfaction

Get off the overwhelm merry-go-round and build back your confidence

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How people feel working with Kari

I learned ways to actually change my thoughts...

"Kari didn't just provide information, she actually taught me how to apply it to my life. I analyzed my own behavior and thoughts and learned ways to actually change them.Since then I've been so much more at peace and happy overall. I highly recommend Kari's program!"


I took control of my life...

"Kari helped me take control of my life. Kari has helped me gain more awareness of my desires, feelings, and triggers. She has helped me strengthen my sense of self-worth, and embrace my intuition. She has helped me focus on the here and now and be present. This has been a priceless investment."


I have entirely changed the way I think and speak about myself..

" I have forgiven myself for letting my weight get to the point it did, which has lead to a self-compassion that I've never known before. I know how to support the beliefs that will get me there."




Live weekly calls where we deeper into working through overwhelm, stress, anxiety how to change how you feel. These calls will be live, and recorded for you to refer back to. 


Video lessons and audio recordings to help you navigate the mindset, deep uncovering and perspective shifting work. This is where you learn to take action and show up for yourself. 


Keep me in your pocket and your encouragement in at your fingertips.

  • Weekly Live Training Calls (also recorded to watch later) 
  • Group coaching dynamic and accountability
  • Exclusive material to support shifting mindset and rewiring patterns 
  • Meditations and visualizations you need to take specific action 
  • Exclusive guest sessions with insight from other experts
  • Private community and peer support


Lifestyle and mindset accountability program designed to help you weed out the noise of overwhelm to take action on what really matters and bring back confidence and contentment within yourself. 



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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

BUT... is investing in myself worth it?








Emma S.


Here's the thing...

In all of my brokenness I have found a way, not to put pieces back together, but to build something new.

Most of the photos you see on this page are all from before my daughter died. Except this one. 

This photo is from the beginning of me trying to find the strength to do more than get out of bed.

If it's hope you're looking for, I invite you to find it here.


The most broken person I've ever known, crawled her way to meet herself anew to forge a path forward with a huge piece of her heart missing. And she's still working on it.

I can't guarantee that joining More Than Zero will fix all of your problems and that you'll instantly see results in your life (though I really believe you will) or that your life will even feel dramatically better than it does right now (but I think you will find a sense of peace that's missing).

What I can tell you is that you're worth the effort to feel better. The broken parts of yourself, the anxious tendencies, the overwhelmed and confused mind is going to find a place with More Than Zero.

We may not have lived through the same hards, but I know everyone's challenges are hard. And I know what it's like to look down in the pipe of overwhelm at total darkness and not see a way out of it.

I can tell you that not investing in yourself at some point no longer becomes an option because there are no better alternatives.

I can tell you that life is worth living, which I questioned for a time. That doesn't mean the solution here is to make it easy, or to shield ourselves from difficulty. But it does mean we can feel better about how we manage and create our lives and as a result feel more connected and confident in ourselves. 

You already know what happens if you do nothing. You feel stuck. You feel stagnant. You feel dissatisfied. Your overwhelm continues and your inaction keeps you feeling incapable.

If I convince you of nothing else, let me convince you of this truth, you deserve more than that.

 Join me today. 


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