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Savory “Grits” & Soft Boiled Egg – The Perfect Paleo Spring Brunch



In the springtime I crave fresh, simple and beautiful food. It’s all about colors, textures and the experience of eating the food, just as much as it is about the food’s flavor. This perfect Paleo spring brunch is ideal for the coming months of fresh simple produce and warmer sunny days. I love these savory “grits” because they are so light comparatively to their corn inspiration.  I grew up eating grits coming from a southern family and to me they are the epitome of comfort. They take brunch to level that really allows it to be breakfast and lunch, in my opinion. But we all know the “not so secret”, that these aren’t made with corn, but instead cauliflower.

Paleo Spring Brunch


Cauliflower should really be it’s own super food. it’s full of fiber and protein and has such  a light taste that you can really do anything you want with it to take on any sort of flavor. When I first came up with these grits a few years ago, which are still one of the most popular recipes on my site, it was before the days of being able to buy pre-riced cauliflower. Now my friends, we are living in the golden ages where you can buy riced cauliflower in the frozen and fresh section! All of the food processors everywhere are rejoicing!


Paleo Spring Burnch


This meal in particular reminds me of one fit for a simple brunch with your lady friends, a component to an Easter brunch feats or simply a lunch during the week, because actually these ingredients are so easy to all make ahead! Did I mention also this whole meal is Whole30 compliant? Yeah, talk about a brunch bonus. There’s something fun about gathering around the table, making brunch for people you love and inviting them to enjoy in what you’re offering. Meals like this one are in celebration of that, but truly in celebrating the simplicity of spring produce and the best fresh food possible. It is all about nourishing the body and the soul at the same time.



Savory “Grits” & Soft Boiled Egg

Paleo Spring Brunch

Serves 4


4 pasture raised eggs
12 asparagus sprigs
4 cups cauliflower rice (go here for instructions if you just want the grits)
1 cup full fat coconut milk
3 tablespoon olive oil, coconut oil or butter
2 tablespoons chicken or beef broth1/2 tablespoon grass-fed gelatin
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons green goddess sauce

*optional radishes and micro greens for garnish



1.) Fill a pot with enough water to cover the eggs. Bring the water to a boil on the stove top. Then one by one, add in each egg. To do this without cracking them lower them in with a spoon or a ladle. Set timer to 6 minutes and allow to boil.
2.) Prepare an ice bath for the eggs. Once they finish scoop each egg out and into a bowl with cool to cold water. Set aside.

3.)Bring a sauce pan to medium heat put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or ghee along with ½ tsp salt on medium heat in a sauce pot, then add the cauliflower and stir until toasted. It will look only slightly golden (around 5 min).

4.) Add broth and stir while lowering heat to a simmer.

5.) In a bowl combine coconut milk, gelatin, 1 tablespoon olive oil and ½ teaspoon of salt and stir until combined. Add the mixture to the pot and allow it to simmer on low for ten minutes (allow another 5 minutes if you don’t use gelatin and stir frequently).

6.) While the grits are cooking, heat up a skillet and add 1 tablespoon of remaining oil on medium heat. Once hot, toss in the asparagus. Saute until slightly cooked golden, but still crunchy.

7.) Plate grits, asparagus, soft boiled egg and garnishes. Don’t forget the green goddess sauce!!






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