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September Self-Care

September Self-Care


Lately I’ve felt all over the place, out of balance and moving at a pace with no clear direction. I suppose that’s some what a product of moving and trying to establish life in a new city, but I recognize that my body is telling me to slow down. After driving across the country and moving into a permanent place, I finally feel that I am at a place to rest. I think the important thing when trying to regain some balance in life is assessing where your needs are, addressing where you need to pay more attention.

Self-care comes in various formats, different facets and looks different for every individual. It’s an active practice that I believe never stops, it’s no different, or shouldn’t be than brushing your teeth every morning, it’s routine. Yet sometimes there’s a need to dig deeper. To really devote extra time to particularly take care of you whether it’s more sleep, more relaxation, more movement or cleaner eating. Often times I have to take a step back and ask myself, “where do I need to dedicate more time?” In the past few weeks I’ve realized that carving out additional (on top of what I already do) time for myself to nurture my body is essential for me right now. This next month for me is about nesting, if you will. Leaning into my life in Seattle but really working to take extra care of my body, creating sacred spaces in my new home and honoring my expansions as well as boundaries.


There’s a deeply personal practice to attune to self-care making it both private and sometimes difficult. Justifying time for ourselves is often hard in the chaotic lives we lead, but it’s a necessity in order to avoid burnout, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune flares and a host of other disease. I know, I was the worst at practicing self-care. I am a giver. So I give a lot to people, to relationships, to work, but very little to myself. When I realized this was perpetuating my autoimmune disease it shifted my focus. I want to help you do this too.



Because self-care is personal and looks different for everyone, it’s hard to share and more difficult to be held accountable. Its like keeping an appointment with yourself, and let’s face it, we’re all more likely to skip the appointment with ourselves than we are when we’ve committed to another human being, but that’s risky business. The risk is your health, and sanity I might add. So what do you do?

That’s why I have created this program, September Self-Care. September is a great month to dive deeply into rituals and routines as it’s the start of a new-year for many people in respect to school, the changing of the seasons, and well before the Holidays. Over the course of four weeks I will host live video discussions where you have the opportunity to chat, ask questions and work with me to establish what self-care means to you, where you need to work a little deeper and show you how to create a plan that is sustainable in your life.

My goal with this was to create a program that is also affordable and realistic. The videos are once a week, every Tuesday starting September 8th and last forty-five minutes, a marginal time of your day. Consider this your first appointment with yourself, only I am holding you accountable. You deserve this, and it’s time to lean into what you really need. Join me by signing up here.  Session START next Tuesday, September 8th and recur every Tuesday until the end of September.

In addition to video conferences, live chats, you also get a free copy of my new ebook Mind & Body Balancing, exclusive weekly emails on new topics each week, and personal access to me through email for all your questions.

Implementing these lifestyle changes has been monumental for me in my healing, I want to help you do that too. Now is your time, join me building the relationship with yourself.






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September Self-Care Program

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3 thoughts on “September Self-Care

  1. Hi Kari! Thanks so much for doing this. I just sat in on the first session and it was great. I never had an option to comment come up on my end though, or I would have asked a few questions. not sure if everyone was impacted or just me but wanted to share. I wasn’t sure the best way to reach you so trying here first. Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for getting in touch here. I sent out an email after, but don’t believe I heard from you. If you have questions please email me, I am happy to chat 🙂

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