Build a better relationship to yourself.

These journal prompts will help guide you into accessing different parts of yourself so you can listen more closely and intuitively to your soul. Helping you lean into your all areas of your life.

There's no greater investment than the investment in yourself.

Come hang with me and the incredible women in Soul Power!

Start your journey in Soul Power

Be prepared to transform the way you think about yourself, your life and the world around you. Putting yourself first is an incredibly empowering skill that women all over the world are doing with Soul Power. I want this for you too! 

"Loving yourself is a non-linear journey, and it's the most rewarding one you can embark on."


Self-exploration and transformation is a personal journey, I serve as your guide. My work with you will involve you deciding to fully invest in yourself like you never have before. 

I won't shy away from telling you that it's work. It takes effort. But I am also sure that the hardest and most rewarding things you've done in your life have taken 100% devotion from your end. 

I am here to support, guide, and nurture your relationship with yourself. Below are some common themes of my coaching clients and my valued areas of expertise. 

Wellness Habits

Take better care of yourself- mind, body, and soul. Often it takes a bit of understanding and a dose of accountability to get us into the healthy lifestyle we desire. As your coach we'll create the healthy lifestyle that's right for you. 

​Emotional Work

Open your heart to yourself and heal fully. You may be challenged in creating the life you want, because you feel stuck in the life you have. Together we'll work through unblocking what's holding you back. 


Learn not just to feel like enough, but the freedom of loving yourself, as you are right now. We work together in disarming your current negative beliefs about yourself. We transform your relationship from the inside out.

What WOMEN are saying

"Kari is an incredibly intuitive human and a gifted teacher – She believes in movement as self love. It always seems like she can tap into exactly what I need from a session before I figure that out myself! You won't find a more authentic guide than Kari if you're looking for a special next chapter in your life."

- Kelly

Private Yoga Client

"For many years I have found myself out of balance. Seeing a few of the elements that needed attention and love, but never fully grasping the whole. As I have journeyed through Soul Power the strongest awakening has been an ever-growing sense of connection, a connection to my surroundings and to myself. 

Through the numerous teachings at Soul Power I have begun the critical work of true self-love; listening to the deep whispers of my body and soul."

- Marina

Soul Power Woman

"​Kari didn't just provide information, she actually taught me how to apply it in my life. I analyzed my own behavior and thoughts and focused to make them more positive."

- Caitlin

​Coaching Client

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