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Spicy Golden Beet Soup

Spicy Golden Beet Soup

Golden beets

I adore golden beets. They have a deep sweetness and a less earthy taste than red beets but they can also have a tangy bite to them. I especially love getting these beets when they are just overripe and usually on sale at the local market, they are inexpensive and make an awesome soup base!

In this recipe I share with you a quick and easy method to get a creamy and spicy soup that will keep you warm this winter by bringing this little golden sunny vegetable into your life.

Spicy Golden Beet Soup

The richness from the coconut milk makes the soup luscious while the garlic and ginger pack the pungent spicy flavor!

Spicy Golden Beet Soup

A little green onion on top never hurt anything, and in this case it makes it even better. I highly suggest you add this before serving as it rounds out all the flavors of the soup!

Spicy Golden Beet Soup in Mason Jar

This soup is perfect for freezing and I usually use mason jars to store most of my soups in the freezer. Just be sure to let it cool completely before placing in the fridge or freezer or you could have an explosion on your hands, and a rather messy freezer. You’ll want to eat this soup within the week if you decide to keep it only in the fridge.



Spicy Golden Beet Soup


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