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How Traveling Alone Will Change Your Outlook On Life

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        As many of you know, travel is hugely important to me. Coming of the heels of a two week solo trip to Europe back in September it really struck my why traveling alone has a completely different effect on you in a variety of ways. I feel like we may have heard the argument of why you should travel solo and experience the world for yourself, but truly there’s so much more to it than just being able to experience the… Read More

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The Self-Limiting Summit

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In 2005 before I started having severe arthritic symptoms, before my fingers became stiff and my knees too weak to walk, before any diagnosis, the world was at my feet. I had the freedom of movement. I enjoyed it largely as an active teenager running around full of energy and an active member of the volleyball team. When disease struck the confines of my bed were mostly what I spent the next months surrounded by. I felt robbed of my independence, of my will and… Read More