Let Yourself Be Divinely Guided

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  Often times we get wrapped up in these ways of being in society. Who we are, what we do, what we stand for, what football team we root for, what type of food we eat or don’t eat, it is exhausting to live within some of the boxes we create for one another.  Whether we realize it or not all of these parts of ourselves, these things we engage in some ways become our identity and close us off to truly experiencing the wonder… Read More

Autoimmune Paleo

How to Deal During the Holidays

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    The other day I had a client ask me, “what got you through the holidays when you were on the autoimmune protocol?”  I thought this was a great question. After much thought since our conversation I realized my answer would benefit so many of you as much as it did her. When the holidays come around it can be an especially challenging for people who are a midst lifestyle changes or an elimination protocol. It can already be stressful for many regardless of… Read More