Soul Power

Beauty in the Dissonance

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We all vibrate on certain gradients of energy. The world is spinning and here we are, buoyant with the currents of electric charge all varying in grades of frequency. Like attracts like and we are pulled to one another by this charged beauty, almost unexplained yet completely understood. This is how I feel when I am reached by someone’s writing. They touch me in a way that’s goes beyond the surface and into much deeper crevices of my heart and soul. It’s not every day… Read More

Healing Modalities

Avocado Face Mask

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Goodbyes are the worst. Even if they’re only “see you later’s” the twisting pinch in your chest that swells up into your throat reminds you you’re not sure when you’ll see that person again and it lingers as does their absence. I said goodbye, or see you later or possible even see you soon, whatever you want to call it to my friends early this morning. It’s complicated when it comes to goodbyes these days. We were used to being together all the time or… Read More