Kari's Journey

Finding the Light in Growing Pains

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  There’s truth to what they say when you’re young and you have physical aches and unexplained discomfort, “oh, it’s just growing pains, they’ll go away” most people say, and they do. But what about when you’re an adult, and those pains while physical they may manifest, are rooted in emotional turmoil, can we grow out of those too? Last weekend I was on a plane heading to L.A. for my yoga teacher training and as I looked out the window over the California coast… Read More

Healing Modalities

Healing With Pain

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  Lately, it’s been difficult for me to clear my mind, to get past the daily thoughts I have, put away the day’s work and fall asleep. Most of the time it happens at night, when I am trying to wind down and when I’m not overcome with things to keep me busy. When I just have to be… still with myself. Have I accomplished everything today? No. Did I finish all that I wanted to today? Sometimes. Am I making progress? NO (though truthfully… Read More