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What to Takeaway From 2016

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  I rarely get to see the stars at night. Having been living in Seattle now for a year and a half, it’s mostly grey days and hazy nights. Sometimes I am spoiled by the moon glowing through my living room window, but with the light pollution from the city the stars are amiss on a daily basis. Yesterday I took a late flight out of Dallas on my way back from seeing my family in Florida and Alabama for the Holidays. The sky was… Read More

Healing Modalities

Healing With Pain

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  Lately, it’s been difficult for me to clear my mind, to get past the daily thoughts I have, put away the day’s work and fall asleep. Most of the time it happens at night, when I am trying to wind down and when I’m not overcome with things to keep me busy. When I just have to be… still with myself. Have I accomplished everything today? No. Did I finish all that I wanted to today? Sometimes. Am I making progress? NO (though truthfully… Read More