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September Self-Care

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  Lately I’ve felt all over the place, out of balance and moving at a pace with no clear direction. I suppose that’s some what a product of moving and trying to establish life in a new city, but I recognize that my body is telling me to slow down. After driving across the country and moving into a permanent place, I finally feel that I am at a place to rest. I think the important thing when trying to regain some balance in life… Read More

Healing Modalities

Prioritize Your Own Needs

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I spent this past weekend camping in the woods along  Ginnie Springs, Florida not far from where I currently live. My brother-in-law and I went out on Friday to set up camp, we searched for the perfect spot until we finally found one on the bank of the river. Two trees lined a large opening for us to see out on the river to the other side and a large tree trunk lined the bank that separated a small beach area from our camp site.… Read More