Healing Modalities

You’ll Never Know Your Worth

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Do you get the feeling when you’re overcome with excitement and you can’t sit still, can’t focus, can’t sleep? In these moments I have to remind myself to breathe. Literally, ten seconds will have passed and I’ll be saying, “Breathe! Like really before you pass out,” in my head. Since the start of the New Year these feelings have consumed me. It’s as if everything I’m working towards is on the verge of coming alive. And I can say “I made this happen!!” It’s not… Read More

Autoimmune Paleo

For The Love Of Food

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Food serves a purpose. Multiple purposes in fact. To fill the body with nutrients so it can burn calories to use for energy, but it also serves to nourish us. I mean truly satisfy the inner parts of us all that find joy from sitting around a table giving each other the ultimate gift which grounds us to the Earth.  By creating flavorful dishes but more so by sharing with the intention offering food as love, we nourish one another. I’ve watched my grandmother tirelessly… Read More