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Taking A Soul Trip



August has been about making a ton of things happen. From launching a video program (more to come!) to hosting my annual self-care program, to creating and amazing yoga workshop experience coming this fall, all on top of what I already do for a living (writing + coaching) it’s been a busy month in the most fun way.


But today I am headed off on a 16 day adventure in Europe, my soul trip!! Self-care for me takes many shapes and forms. It’s daily practices and rituals, checking in with myself and making sure my needs are met but it’s also largely making sure my heart is nurtured and continually filled with passion. One of my greatest loves in life is travel. I remember the first time I went to Europe, a 7 year old girl who had no idea where she was headed but knew there was a possibility to see snow for the first time and maybe go to Paris for her 8th birthday. We moved to Belgium following my mom’s assignment to the Air Force and the first snow experience happened, Paris however did not! Well, not for my 8th birthday at least!

I remember on the weekends we’d wake up early, pack ourselves into a bus and go off somewhere enticing and magical for the weekend. Places with castles and cafes and all the chocolate croissants that little girl could eat. I was hooked. The experience of travel for me is one that reignites my soul, wakes me up in a sense of who I am and appreciating the smallest moments of where I am. I strive to do this daily, truly, but will also admit the difficulty of this practice when you fall into routine.

So here I am, breaking out of the current routine and getting away for a bit. September for me, is always a period of introspection and reflection. With my birthday approaching in October it’s the end of my year and the start of another. I use this time to really dial back into myself, close out my year and look at what I need to take away, let go and then embrace going forward. I am so looking forward to doing this whilst in Sweden, Croatia and Italy. After living in Florence 5 years ago (to the day!!) my heart is giddy with anticipation of returning to a place that has always felt like home to me.

For the next three weeks, I’ll be taking a break from writing and blogging if not only for my pure enjoyment! I need a bit of separation and time to come back refreshed. Don’t worry you can still follow my shenanigans and travel escapades on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook!

I am so grateful to have you all here in this community and I encourage you to take this time of change and transition for yourself too.
See you when I return across the pond.

Much love,


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