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The Love Language of Giving

The Love Language of Giving

The Love Language of Giving

I want to drag Christmas morning out for as long as possible. My sister, especially would get frustrated with me as I’d carefully unwrap each piece of tape and then each layer of wrapping paper all to relish in the anticipation. Then I’d want everyone to open their gifts the same way, but my sister tore into hers as if they would melt before she could finish. I’d ask my parents if we could each open a gift one at a time, because as much as I do enjoy receiving gifts, I love even more watching others open theirs.

I’m known to my family as the “gift-giver”. For the simple reason that I love giving people presents, and watching the smile come over their face as they open it. I rarely ask what someone wants, because I usually get them something they didn’t know they wanted. I like gifts with meaning. Most people would think that means I also love getting gifts. Which I do, but it’s a much deeper connection than what it seems on the surface.

There’s a saying “It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts,” which I find they are mutually exclusive. Gift giving is about intention, about feelings, and sharing with a person you care about just how much you love them.

It is not the gift, but the thought that counts.
It is not the gift, but the thought that counts.

The Love Language of Giving

But Christmas isn’t all about gifts right? It’s about sharing joy, and love and happiness. I think our gifts should encompass them.

The Love Language of GivingGiving gifts is about affection. Whether you are making something or purchasing, taking the time to create or think of another, that’s why gifts are so special. You can put intention behind your gifts simply by what you’re giving. This year, I have so much love and joy to share.

The Love Language of GivingNot that I haven’t had this same feeling in past years, but it’s different for me now. I live far from all of my friends, and continuing on my journey after having them in my daily life for so long has not been the easiest.

I am finding life moving quicker as the years pass and all I want to do is grab on the edge, dig my nails into the ground and hope to gain strength from a gradual climb. But I want to slow down, pause in the moments where I find happiness, and when I have it embrace that warm glowing feeling that generates deep in my belly.

The Love Language of Giving Last Christmas was difficult for me. I enjoyed the day with family but the winter months seemed drearier than they ever had before, as if the days never fully came for me and I spent most of the time in the dark. I was in a job I hated. I felt utterly unaccomplished and lacked motivation to make a change. A flare of my arthritis set in about this time, and so with it depression. I could not channel hope and instead felt purely lost.

The Love Language of GivingBut this year, is different for me. I have transformed so many things in my life over the course of a few months and I feel the momentum underneath me pushing me to conquer my dreams.  I have so much to share. I want to seek joy through every avenue possible. I realized my passions are worth delving into deeply so that I can give more of myself to others.

There has been some reservation on my part, about sharing fully what I am doing and where I want to take my future. I think mostly because I wasn’t even fully confident in it myself yet. There was hesitation in whether my healing lifestyle would “work”. I had doubts, “what if I don’t see the results?” And now, it’s what I want to share with everyone.

It’s something that has taken a while for me to come to, and largely a part of my healing process. But my best gift has been time, to learn more about myself. And in turn, my ability to share with others has increased tenfold. Because even as difficult as some of it has been, my continual metamorphosis has allowed me to appreciate my true self, and see all the gifts I  have to offer.

The Love Language of Giving

So I spent an afternoon drawing, creating, cutting and writing. I slowed down, appreciated all my friends and the incredible work they are doing in their lives. I am so grateful to have each of them. I want to share with them just how delicious and accessible healthy meals are. Hopefully encouraging them through my experience to go after what they really want by using their natural gifts.

I gave them a spice or herb that in one way or another reminded me of them. One of my friends is the most warm and giving individual I know, if she could she would donate a limb to stranger if they needed it. She got cinnamon because it’s warmth radiates in food. Another girlfriend got ginger as she has an aura about her that’s calming and her strength is insurmountable. Cardamom, one of my favorite spices,  has a smell entirely unique just like a friend of mine who has been irreplaceable in my life. Another friend and I lived in Italy together, and during that time we shared so many memories and happiness. I gave her oregano to remember each of the special memories we have.

The Love Language of GivingSage is one of those herbs that to me is nearly intoxicating. It’s smell is earthy and I usually want to use it on just about everything. My one friend, is like this, you generally just want to be around her and her fun witty way is something that I adore. In my opinion, thyme is the herb that stands the test of time (pun intended). This girl has influenced me more than she may know and her passion for helping exudes her. Being the foundation of her reputation this makes her one of the most kind people I know.

I love Christmas, for so many reasons, love, family, traditions, presents, food! Many of which I am sure you can relate to. Reflecting on last Christmas, and the year in between has had me already thinking and planning for New Years. If like me, you are all about making New Year’s resolutions, leading your life through what you desire, or know someone who fit’s that description, check out my ideas for planning below.


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I am filled up this year, and feel extremely fortunate to share that with my friends, and with you. Thank you!



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  1. My dearest best friend,

    I know I tell you this a lot but I’m going to say it again, I am so proud of you for following your dreams and for helping others find a love in the healing of food. I love you.


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