The Ultimate Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide


In creating the ultimate self-care holiday gift guide this year I really wanted to give a broad range of ideas for all ways to show you really care and know the person you’re giving to. In this gift guide I have focused on self-care, beauty care, foodie friends, mindfulness, healing,  the gardener, and movement. These are all areas of focus that will help to make anyone’s 2018 happier and healthier! Happy gift giving, may you give with love and intention!


For Self-Care:

Dry brush
 One of my favorite gifts to give because it is not expensive and does wonders for detoxifying the body and moving the lymph system. Not to mention it feels so good!

Self- Love Experiment
This book is written by my mentor and friend Shannon Kaiser. It’s an in depth exploration and walk through on how to get to a place of loving yourself.

Self-Care Summit
The Self-Care Summit is dedicated to deepening the relationship with yourself through lifestyle modifications, radical self-love practices, practical therapies and nurturing relaxation in daily life. Over the course of four weeks you will have unlimited access to videos corresponding to a lesson each week. Next group starts January 1, 2018 and right now you can get the Self-Care Summit for 40% off with code HOLIDAY.


For Beauty:

Honest Hazel eye gels
 These have become my favorite beauty-hack of 2017. Because I travel a lot I love being able to take these with me in my bag, put them on during a red-eye flight and wake up feeling really hydrated under my eyes. Full of collagen and aloe vera, they feel and have results just like a spa treatment!

Balancing Spa Set
 The charcoal mask and balancing cleaning oil are two must-have beauty items for me. I use the balancing oil for skin radiance and hydration and the charcoal mask as a spot treatment and pore minimizer.

Cleansing Balm
The cleansing balm from Beautycounter may be my all-time favorite product. I use it during the winter especially as an extra layer at night to deeply hydrate my skin, but it also functions as a cleanser and make up remover. One of these jars lasts me well over a year.



For the Foodie:

This kitchen tool is my favorite to give to people who are looking to add more vegetables into their lives. It adds a simple and effective way to be creative in the kitchen with vegetables without thinking too hard!

Instant Pot
If someone asked me ‘what’s your most favorite kitchen tool?’ I’d likely reply, ‘my Instant Pot.’ This gadget is a money and time saver and perfect for the busy parent, worker or college student. It saves a but load of time when cooking and cooks to perfection. Not to mention all of the fun things you can do like yogurt and canning!

Small Cast Iron Pan 6 1/2 in
 If my great grandmother were still alive, she’d be telling you every household needs one these. I’ll say though that I, and my grandmother agree! I love these smaller cast irons for reheating food, cooking eggs and taking camping because they are just the right size for taking in a backpack!


For Mindfulness:

Desire Map Day Planner by Danielle LaPorte
This day planner is my favorite tool in not only planning out my year ahead, manifesting my dreams but actually connecting to who I am, and why I want the live I want. Really grounding into my desires and seeing how I am living those out in my day to day keeps me more connected to myself.

Yoga Bolster
A yoga bolster is fantastic for using to meditate on. It also amps up a home yoga practice, will take relaxation to an entirely level and allow the space to deepen heart opening yoga practices.

Turning the Mind Into An Ally
This is my favorite book I read in 2017. Anyone with an interest in quieting the mind, meditation and using it to better understand yourself, this is a must!


For Healing:

Autoimmune Wellness Handbook
This book is a must-have for anyone starting out or well into navigating their journey with restoring health from a chronic illness. Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt of Autoimmune  Wellness have created a comprehensive guide to help someone navigate this challenging time with ease, peace of mind and perspective.

 Essential Oil Diffuser
This diffuser has become my favorite thing. It relaxes me and allows me to have more control over my air quality by adding oils like tea tree, ylang ylang and lavender.

Light Blocker Glasses
These light blocking glasses are my favorite to wear in the evening to help keep my sleep optimal. They reduce bright light from computer, television and phone screens and help me wind down for bed. They are also still stylish, if looking a bit silly isn’t your thing or you need to wear them in public.


For Growing:

Succulent plan or cacti (harder to kill!)
These are a great gift idea that can cost you as little as $4 and will be a perfect way of giving a gift that lasts and brings joy for years to someone you love.

Seeds Herb Starter
Watching something grow is a powerful experience to have in your life and giving that to someone else is really special. Kids especially love these!

Homegrown Paleo
One of my favorite Paleo books because it focuses on growing your own food, more like the slow food movement and actually using what you grow for recipes, seasonality and creating a full on homegrown lifestyle.


For Movement:

Hiking boots
I do a lot of hiking, and you all are constantly asking me what boots I wear. The story of how I got my boots is quite magical, but I’ll save that for another day. The point is these are the most comfortable boots I have ever had on my feet while trekking through the woods and I would recommend this brand to anyone I cared about. If you’re into hiking, get yourself this pair, waterproof, sole inserts for comfort, and ankle support.

Yoga Mat
Is this a given? Having a yoga mat is amazing for your home practice, but even better if you can travel with it. I like this one because it is lightweight and easy to take with you. That way your practice can go wherever you go.

Foam roller
Some may think of this as the arch nemesis, but it is a powerful movement and healing tool when used appropriately. This can help seriously relieve muscle discomfort, misalignment and pain.


Happy Holidays and merry gifting 🙂






The Ultimate Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide


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