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Tiger Nuts Lavender Scones & Organic Gemini Giveaway

Lavendar Tigernut Scones

Lavendar Tigernut Scones Scones


When my mom and step-dad got married I remember as a nine-year old being sad that they were going to leave my sister and I for entire week while on their honeymoon. I found it quite rude that we weren’t invited. At the time we lived in Belgium, they were off to honeymoon in Spain and my great Aunt was in town from York, England with her friend to take care of us. The morning after the wedding I begrudgingly came down the stairs knowing full well that my parents were now gone and unsure of what the week would be like without them.

As I rounded the corner from the stairs into the kitchen, butter, bacon and honey wafted up in the air. My Aunt and her friend were busy making a true English breakfast for us. The skillet on the stove top was sizzling with Canadian bacon and as I peered into the dining area from the kitchen my little eyes widened with glee. A true English tea! Teapots and cups cluttered the table with a basket of scones, cream, butter, and sugar. That morning I had my first, of many to come, English breakfast. Since then I have had a fond adoration of scones.

biscuitcuttingLavendar Tigernut Scones

Since changing my lifestyle, especially by removing gluten I have not had a single scone, or anything reminiscent of one. I never thought I would to be honest, it’s not exactly one of those high priority foods that you budget for. Instead it is most definitely a treat, just like that first English breakfast was for me. So for this reason when I decided to experiment with tiger nut flour I knew that I could recreate something reminiscent. Scones traditionally have a light and airy texture but they crumble and flake more than a biscuit. Scones can be sweet or savory since the batter is versatile.

But let me back up a minute here and share a bit about tiger nuts! Oh and make sure to read through so not to miss the awesome giveaway hosted by Organic Gemini !!

Lavendar Tigernut Scones

You may be wondering, what are tiger nuts? Well, like I said they are not a nut at all. Rather they are tiny little tubers packed with prebiotic fiber and loads of nutrients. Prebiotic fiber cannot be digested in the human body so it pass through our colon, however, the good bacteria there love these guys and it helps them grow into healthy buggers! One serving of tiger nuts has as much iron as red meat and as much potassium as coconut water!

The actual tiger nut itself is hard and chewy but rather sweet. It’s important to have the shell on the outside in order to get the resistant starch benefit since most of it is located here.This ancient food originates from Northern Africa and the Mediterranean and it’s  high in fiber, iron, potassium, and vitamins E & C.

You can make Horchata with the small tubers or use them as a cereal alternative. The flour, is made from the dehydrated sundried tubers and ground finely into powder. What is so incredible about this flour is that it allows you to bake sweet treats without any added sweetener whatsoever. It is not super sweet but certainly enough to please the palate of someone who is used to hardly any natural sweeteners at all. So this is a great option for people trying to keep their sugars low.

Dandelion Root Tea with Mint

Lavendar Tigernut Scones

When I began researching tiger nuts months ago I was increasingly fascinated by their super food like powers. Our Paleo ancestors would have lived off of these little tubers providing them with the energy and healthy growth of probiotics in their guts that aid in healthy immune systems and the digestion of other foods. There is so much fiber and beneficial resistant starch in tiger nuts it’s practically why they have blown up the internet in the past few months as people start to discover their beneficial properties for increasing good gut bacteria. This being said, if you’re just beginning to restore your gut health it would probably best to monitor your intake and increase gradually so you’re not shocking your system with too much fiber all at once. This is why I love the flour though, similar to actual nut flours it is easier to digest and absorb since it has been so finely ground.

GIVEAWAY - Organic Gemini TigerNuts & TigerNut Flour

I found Organic Gemini truly by happenstance as I engulfed myself in tiger nut research. When I found their products and was in awe of all the different uses they had for them as well as their extensive research on the tuber itself. All of that was great, but truthfully what hooked me the most was George and Mariam’s story. Mariam was going through a health crisis and an incredibly scary time in her life, and like many of us turned to a whole foods based diet to take matters into her own hands. At the start of her journey she thought because of what she was going through it would prevent her form being able to have children. She went a step further in her Paleo lifestyle when she came across the tiger nut, she studied it and began incorporating them into her diet. Long story short, she was able to not only regain her health but has since had a child! Simply incredible!


Lavendar Tigernut Scones

Since it’s not a true nut flour, but rather a starch I figured it would be perfect to manipulate without the use of eggs. I was right. The tiger nut flour is super fine, which gives them the crumbly but moist texture. They are a bit more dense than traditional drop scones because of the amount of starch in but my are they satisfying! Combined with subtle flavors of lavender, cinnamon and vanilla they are comforting and pair perfectly with tea. My favorite of course being dandelion root to which I’ve added lemon and mint to give a little zing!


Lavendar Tigernut SconesLavendar Tigernut Scones



Okay, so I know you’re DYING to make these and for that reason Organic Gemini has offered to host a GIVEAWAY a package of TigerNuts and TigerNut Flour! THREE winners will be selected!! You must be of U.S. residency only (sorry!) to enter. Okay ready set GO!

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Lavendar Tigernut Scones


4 small organic gala apples

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 1/2 tbsp water


1 cup apple puree (see instructions below)

1 cup TigerNut flour

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup arrowroot flour

2 teaspoons organic baking lavender

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 1/2 tablespoons melted coconut oil

1/2 cup organic palm shortening (I use Spectrum brand)




APPLE PUREE (can be made a day or more in advance)

1. Peel and cube the apples.

2. Place in sauce pot on medium and add water and apple cider vinegar. Cover and cook for 15 minutes, then turn down to simmer for another 15 minutes until completely soft.

3. Transfer to a blender and blend until smooth. Save for scones.



1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Add cinnamon, vanilla and salt to the apple puree and combine. Then add the melted coconut oil until incorporated.

3. Sift in coconut flour, tiger nut flour, arrowroot flour and add the lavender. Begin mixing until the dough forms, it may appear lumpy but that’s okay.

4. Now add in the palm shortening in separated bits (as if you were cutting in butter) and add the baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Begin mixing well until there are minimal white flakes and the dough begins to come together.

5. Form dough into a ball, if it feels slightly wet place it in the freezer for 3 minutes. Then remove it and roll out the dough to 1 1/2 inches thick. (use more arrowroot powder if dough tries to stick during this process). Cut into 6 scones using a biscuit cutter or shape with your hands. Alternatively you can form into a circular dome about 1 1/2 inches thick and cut into triangles.

6. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place them on the sheet. Place them into the oven and cook for 30 minutes until golden brown. Allow to cool and enjoy!


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway above for your chance to snag some TigerNuts!







Disclaimer: This giveaway is hosted by Organic Gemini and Whole Life, Full Soul. I in no way have been or will be compensated for any purchases of their products. This giveaway is strictly an opportunity to share with you an awesome new food!

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35 thoughts on “Tiger Nuts Lavender Scones & Organic Gemini Giveaway

  1. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to try another non traditional flour and now after seeing this recipe it looks like I need to add Tiger Nut flour to my collection. Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh my gosh, a recipe without honey or maple syrup?!? I love you!!! I am SO making these. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I love the photos and the story of your love for scones. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  3. I would LOVE to add tigernuts to my cupboard because on AIP, coconut products are required for so many of the recipes…but I am sensitive to coconut! That limits my options quite a bit. So it would be so great to have a substitute like tigernuts!

  4. Kari, I was so glad to have found you through instagram and AIP. These pictures are gorgeous, and the scones sound wonderful! I love lavender, and actually have a gf lavender & pecan scone recipe on my blog that i sadly can’t have now so this will be on my list. I have been researching tiger nuts as well and they are fascinating. Seriously, our world will take care of us, right? I’d love to win, and hope you’re having a great weekend. xo

  5. I’ve heard a lot recently about tigernuts and would love to try them for the potential health benefits! I’d love to make these scones, too. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  6. I love experimenting with new flours and snacks, and I’ve heard of tiger nuts and would love to try them!

  7. This recipe sounds totally scrumptious. I can hardly wait to get my tigernut flour and try it. I’m sure my son will love it too!!

  8. I cannot wait to try baking with tiger nuts. It’s so fun to experiment and find new paleo yummy treats.

  9. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway so I can give this super food a try! And with your scones recipe, it seems like a great place to begin!

  10. When I lived in spain they sold these all over the place! I would LOVE LOVE to try these!

  11. I’d love to try this product!! Our little girl has terrible skin allergies. We took gluten and dairy out of her diet and have had great success. Our next step is to remove nuts. We are looking for a flour substitute. Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. I am very interested in starting to bake without almond flour as my husband doesn’t like the consistency. These scones are the prettiest paleo scones I’ve seen! Would love to try this recipe out. Thanks!

  13. I’ve been dying to try this stuff! Although I have reintroduced some non AIP foods like eggs, I just don’t do well with nuts or seeds so I love having alternatives. Plus it’s always fun to have a new ingredient to play with!

  14. Tiger nuts sound really interesting -I have never heard of them before. I don’t eat wheat and am always looking for new alternatives. Your scones look delicious!!

  15. I would love to try the tiger nuts! Perfect for on the go, especially for a college student:P

  16. i would like to try the tiger nut flour because i am just starting my paleo lifestyle and this would be a great addition!

    1. Talia Graff you are the winner!! Congrats!! I will be in touch through email soon, for now just do the happy dance 🙂

  17. Can I replace arrowroot flour with extra tigernut flour? Also can I replace wheat flour with tigernut flour in all recipes?

    1. Unfortunately I can’t say whether or not replacing wheat flour with tigernut flour will work because I strictly avoid wheat/gluten. The arrowroot in the recipe helps to bind the flours for the scones. Feel free to try it without but I cannot guarantee that it will work – let me know if you do!

  18. I know it’s way past the original posting, but what can be used to replace the coconut flour? I can’t have coconut. Thanks!

    1. Hey Nancy, if you are not following the Autoimmune Protocol, you could use almond flour. If you are, you may try cassava or arrowroot. However, I have not made it without it so these are just suggestions and I don’t know for sure how it will turn out. Let me know how it goes if you end up modifying them!

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