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How Traveling Alone Will Change Your Outlook On Life

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As many of you know, travel is hugely important to me. Coming of the heels of a two week solo trip to Europe back in September it really struck my why traveling alone has a completely different effect on you in a variety of ways. I feel like we may have heard the argument of why you should travel solo and experience the world for yourself, but truly there’s so much more to it than just being able to experience the world. That is a factor, but it’s about the person you are, the person you become through traveling alone that has left me feeling complete in myself.



It’s for this reason that I’ve been wanting to share more of why I feel this is so vital to experience, for health and happiness. For me, it is a wellness piece to my life that has always been integral and important. But it may not be for the reasons of pure wanderlust like you may expect. It is far deeper, more raw and real connection that I have to the essence of being, through traveling alone.




The title of this article may initially make you think, “I’ve heard this all before.” But hear me out, you may not know exactly why it will, but rather have read all the reasons why you should.



Traveling solo has been something I’ve experienced a lot throughout my twenties. Living in Italy, traveling to Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, England, Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, and, not to mention, all the in betweens. I spent most of my childhood in Europe, on a small military base in Mons, Belgium. We’d spend our weekends hopping on a bus or a train and going somewhere new. Exploring was the essence of my childhood. It is ingrained in me.



So I’m not here to tell you that you should travel solo because exploration is the key to discovering yourself (though it can be), but it’s actually something else that I find life changing about traveling by yourself.


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