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Trust Your Inner Guide

Trusting Your Inner Guide

I get asked all the time, “What brought you to Seattle?”

It’s a funny a question to me with a million different answers about what could possibly lure me across the country. Most people, are expecting the common answer, a job, or a relationship. Neither was the case for me.

When I begin to tell them what truly brought me, I take a moment, to soak it in, to read the person in front of me a bit and get an idea of how this will land for them. I explain that the only way for me to have made a move clear across the country, knowing not a soul, was trusting my hearts inner knowing. I knew intuitively that this was a place I needed to be and I needed to do whatever in my power to make that happen.

I didn’t have grand plans of what it would look like to move here. What kind of life I’d have exactly.  I didn’t even truly know what it looked like since I’d never even been to Seattle. The only thing I knew was in the quiet moments, when I allowed myself to become in tune with what my inner voice was saying, there was no way of denying that this move would be a pivotal part of my life.

I confided in my friend Brooke, I was “thinking” about this move and she told me a few things that blew me away. First she said, “I think you’ve done enough thinking, you just need to do it.”

Brooke came into my life not so coincidentally, I had been actively seeking out more education in yoga, she was a local teacher near where I worked and I happen to take her workshop on the beginnings of yoga teachings. We realized how close we lived together, and before we knew it, I was taking private sessions with her and we were becoming close confidants healing each other along the way. As I talked over the phone with her, and told her about what had been showing up for me intuitively for my next steps in life, she said, “You never know, whose life you’re supposed to touch by going out there, they are waiting for you, and you have yet to know who’s life will change yours.”

I thought she was dead on then, but I can tell you now that I’ve never heard a truer premonition. The people that I’ve not just met here, but created a loving vibrant community with, have allowed me to show up in every way as my true self. Moving here, has been so much about giving myself the space and grace to really enjoy being me. It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. The highest form of self-love was listening and the trusting myself throughout the process.  And in turn I’ve been gifted tenfold with people who have come into my life here.

When you’re able to allow your intuition to guide you, fear may be present but it doesn’t have the right to speak. When you follow your heart’s desires, the outcomes are beyond your imagination. Don’t sit around waiting or thinking that something won’t work out or being hesitant to follow through because of failure. Fear is tar that keeps you stuck, while your inner guide keeps you mobile.

I live from that space of intuitive knowing, but I didn’t know how this move would work out. All I knew was that it would, and I trusted in that to the very core of my being. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself, you are the only one who can say what is right for you. Be open to listening to what it is you’re really wanting as you never know where and to whom it will lead you. So I am celebrating the one year anniversary of my move to Seattle by sharing with all of you, this story, and the power of deciding your next step in life. You already know it, whatever it is.


Trust yourself.






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