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Vital Green Juice

Vital Green Drink

It’s the season of cleanses, juices, and fasting. But no worries, I am not here to tell you to stop eating or to go on any diet plan. No in fact, I tell my clients the exact opposite. I took my time in healing, and yes that involved various aspects of food restrictions, and there are a good many foods I still choose not to eat at this current time. That’s my own choice, and you should feel confident and empowered in your own.


No, instead I am all about helping people figure out what to ADD to their life, both in diet and lifestyle to bring even more joy, energy and health. This green juice is exactly one of those things.

Vital Green Drink

It’s something I do every single day. It’s a ritual of sorts. File it under “things that lead to vitality and nourish me”. You know, there are just some things that you do on a regular basis that satisfy a need, fill you spiritually or physically. This is one of those things for me. Since the start of this New Year if there has been a day I have gone without it, I can really tell in my energy level.

Consider this on your PLUS + list. Add this to your routine and gain a nutritious boost to your everyday.

Vital Green Drink

It’s packed with varying vegetables, loaded with vitamin A, vitamin E and full of fiber since it’s truly blended and not fully juiced. In other words, I don’t remove the pulp. All of the nutrients and minerals are found there and that’s what I want. Not to mention if you struggle with keeping regular, this will do the trick with tons of natural luscious fiber. The drink is not sweet, it is tart but not overly bitter. Sometimes juice can either be too sugary or just like drinking veggie soup. This is a fine balance between them.

One of my favorite components of this is the coconut water I use. It’s taken me a while to really find a coconut water that I like, other than this one, which unfortunately is not economical for this type of use. But the c20 coconut water has a really great flavor, whereas many I have tried have this artificial taste, even if they say they are fresh coconut water, natural or 100%, not to mention many can be made from concentrate. Simply, I love this brand and the coconut water itself, you can read more about them here.

Vital Green Drink

I prefer making it fresh the day I am going to drink it so this is a recipe for a single serving. But a lot of times I have a busy schedule and am not always home so sometimes I double or triple the recipe, pour it into to-go cups with tight lids and save for the next day. The acid from the lemon helps to keep it fresh, though you wouldn’t want to wait days to drink it.

This juice has been a life saver in the afternoons, after workouts and early mornings. I feel my energy and mood totally boosted after the daily dose!




Vital Green Juice


2 stalks celery
1 cup spinach
1 1/2  inch piece cucumber
1/2 small green apple
1/2 cup coconut water1 tablespoon Meyer lemon juice (or regular lemon)

(optional: 1/2 tsp fresh ginger for a zing or 1/2 cup parsley for anti-inflammatory and detoxing properties )


  1. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender. You can do this in a single serving blender, or double the recipe in a regular blender and save a serving to drink the next day.







*note* I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned, simply they are products I use and love as is with anything recommended on my site!

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