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Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Why Self-Care Isn't Selfish



Self-care isn’t selfish, it is however, a choice to actively love yourself through actions, practices and rituals. Self-care is about learning refinement of how best to take care of yourself, not about attaining perfection. This comes from a deeper commitment to love yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you love every inch of your body, or if there are certain things you’re working on to better yourself. It is a strong connection to honoring yourself for where you are right now. It is a deep, loving support of yourself so that you can live with intention and peace within your life.


When I first started exploring the world of health and wellness with a more intentional perspective my mindset shifted from trying to “be” a certain way, and instead embracing who I am.  At first, in moments when I was really sick, it was as simple as allowing myself to nap in the afternoons because I was exhausted. I did not berate myself for being tired or feeling that I “should” be accomplishing tasks. I began approaching myself lovingly, with ease and generosity towards what I really needed.


This inner dialogue has grown over time but it’s gifted me with the ability to tap into my intuition on a deeper level, and grow within myself to accept all that I am, wholeheartedly. I started integrating into my life what I need on a physical, mental and emotional level without judgement and instead with immense compassion. Taking good care of me, became my number one priority. Sounds like a fairly “selfish” thing right?


We all have different parts of ourselves, something I study in depth through meditation and focusing technique. The judgmental part of ourselves says, “Self-care is selfish because it’s all about me, nothing should be all about me.” In come the waves of questioning your self-worth and how you perceive yourself. Then you judge yourself, for judging yourself about self-care. Sheesh. Can we give ourselves a break? Embracing these “parts” of ourselves is one of the first steps to letting go of the idea that self-care is selfish. In fact, self-care isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity to being more in tune with your own being. And that, is a gift that pays far more in rewards to everyone you surround yourself with.


Integrating self-care into your life is a different journey for everyone because it is an exploration of the relationship to self, and higher purpose of communicating what you need at a given time. Self-care allows you to become the ambassador of your owns needs, it develops an intimate trust of yourself, of your body. It allows you to completely relax in knowing how well you are taking care of, you, by you, for you.

Self love meansMuch anxiety can be relieved simply by taking this power back of caring for oneself. Not relying on outside sources, people, addictions, and stimulation to fill you, instead you know, because you’re so in tune with yourself the best way to take care of you. There is nothing more powerful than the relationship you create with yourself because this relationship is the starting point for every single relationship you have in your life. You see, self-care is actually self-less in so many ways. It allows you to give of yourself in ways you may never have before because you are already taken care of, you can then give more.


As a previous chronic people pleaser and giver, I know that battle between wanting to give and be everything to everyone and also not having the stamina to do it. I can say with such immense gratitude that I have the capacity give so much more now than I ever have before. This is why I created the Self-Care Summit Program because I believe this is not only the foundation for accepting yourself, for living fully, but for radiant health. Self-care is the bridge that connects you to yourself and back to others. It is foundational for well-being. I have such a passion for sharing it’s importance, it changed my life, allow it to change yours.





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