As a coach my private coaching and courses are meant to  helping you discover your personal power and fulfillment by teaching you how to understand yourself and break free from your limiting beliefs.

Hi love,
I'm Kari

Kari teaches soulful and practical ways to move through fear, negative self-talk, and life challenges to live more in alignment and fulfillment with your soul.

In these weekly episodes, you will learn mindset techniques, heart-opening stories from Kari and inspiring interviews from thought leaders and experts who have transformed their own lives through soul discovery.​

The Soul Power podcast will guide you into knowing your soul, empowering your true self, and helping you make mindset shifts to change the way you feel about yourself and your life.

 Ready to know your soul?  The Soul Power Podcast is for you.

  • Just listen
    June 16, 2022 by hope4u12 from United States

    Karri helped me through aVery dark and emotional time in my life. I am forever grateful to her for giving me the space to ground and refocus and learn about myself, my wishes, my desires, who I am at my core essence.

  • Authentic & Heartfelt Guidance
    August 19, 2020 by Brooke_Nisbet from United States

    With her soothing voice, Kari started off her first podcast by authentically telling her own story. It was so relatable and her ideas for healing so achievable and left me wanting to dive directly into the next podcast for more!

  • fuel for the journey
    July 24, 2020 by Jdmille from United States

    I can’t say enough good things about Kari’s practical approaches to retooling and centering yourself. Kari has helped rewire my self-talk with easy to understand concepts and real-world examples through coaching but the podcast has been invaluable to refresh these topics when I get stuck. Hearing these topics again in the podcast makes me dig further—these are guiding principles worth exploring over and over. Plus, Kari’s engaging, soothing voice makes for a peaceful way to start my morning. Please do a meditation for us!

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