Hi love,
I'm Kari

an intuitive lifestyle coach, writer, and joy finder devoted to helping you build a better relationship with yourself. 

My work and this site are dedicated to helping you discover your personal joy and fulfillment by teaching you how to connect deeply to yourself. 

These journal prompts will help guide you into accessing different parts of yourself so you can listen more closely and intuitively to your soul. Helping you lean into your all areas of your life.

Build a better relationship to yourself.

Soul Power 

Soul Power's courses and community help women learn to love and take care of themselves like never before. 

Be prepared to transform the way you think about yourself, your life and the world around you. Learning to put yourself first is an incredibly empowering skill that women all over the world are doing with Soul Power. I want this for you too! 

"Loving yourself is a non-linear journey, and it's the most rewarding one you can embark on."

How I can help

I have coached thousands of people into living healthier lives. 

Everything from nutrition, schedule organization, managing stress and recovering from chronic illness. You name it, I've talked about it in coaching sessions. 

The thing is, what I have found is that so often there's hurdles to overcome before we can get to the root of why nutrition is so hard. Or what actually lies beneath your stress before I can teach you a better way to navigate it. 

Most of my work now focuses on guiding you into a deeper relationship and thus greater understanding of yourself. THIS work, gives you the power back over your life. 

It narrows in and empowers you to live the life you desire, and I give you the tools on how to do this. 

What WOMEN are saying

"Kari is an incredibly intuitive human and a gifted teacher – She believes in movement as self love. It always seems like she can tap into exactly what I need from a session before I figure that out myself! You won't find a more authentic guide than Kari if you're looking for a special next chapter in your life."

- Kelly

Private Yoga Client

"For many years I have found myself out of balance. Seeing a few of the elements that needed attention and love, but never fully grasping the whole. As I have journeyed through Soul Power the strongest awakening has been an ever-growing sense of connection, a connection to my surroundings and to myself. 

Through the numerous teachings at Soul Power I have begun the critical work of true self-love; listening to the deep whispers of my body and soul."

- Marina

Soul Power Woman

"​Kari didn't just provide information, she actually taught me how to apply it in my life. I analyzed my own behavior and thoughts and focused to make them more positive."

- Caitlin

​Coaching Client

To help you on your journey...


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