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an intuitive lifestyle coach, writer, and joy finder, devoted to helping you create a loving relationship with yourself. 

Growing up I was an insatiably curious child, constantly asking questions, hypothesizing and wanting to know more more more about life.

That curiosity has and continued to serve me in ways unimaginable in my life, from friendships, to jobs, to travel, to the relationship with myself being the greatest of all.

I didn't imagine that I would be where I am in my life today. Instead what I needed to do was stay true to myself and my intuition. And times when I wavered (because hello, I am human), I stayed committed to learning and growing further into myself.

​Only by mending the relationship with myself did I discover how to listen to my intuition.

​Through every failure in my life​ I've always stayed true to the commitment to myself.​

​My ​college years I worked in disability advocacy. This was the first place I truly found my voice and ​started advocating to help other people step in to their power.

​After college I worked corporate jobs that left me ultimately feeling burnt out, abused, and unchallenged.

I knew​ ​I was meant for more.

​My curious and passionate inner child has guided me well.

I quit my job and worked as a freelance designer for years while I went back to school, focused on my own healing. 

I immersed myself in nutrition literature, the real food movement, plant based medicine and holistic therapies.

I awakened.

During this time I wasn't just working to heal my physical body. I was also recovering from the emotional trauma of a damaging relationship that flipped my life upside down. I became shut off to the world and trapped in a story ladened with shame.

It was through mending the relationship to myself plus deep critical spiritual inner work that I discovered more of my ability to connect to my intuition, my strength, and started feeling empowered in my relationship to myself.

​Feeling newly empowered is the catalyst for everything I created when I first started my blog to help people heal.

Now I help women through my signature coaching method, and have built a community of women dedicated to self-love and putting themselves first.

I help women through private coaching- just you and me, one on one, diving deep to find your answers within yourself.

"Self-love is the process of gaining and nurturing the belief in yourself."

This is where my story meets yours.

My mission is to serve you in the pursuit of a something greater for yourself.

Whether that's reclaiming your vitality, finding love, pursuing your passion, or navigating complicated emotions.

They all stem back to one thing: the relationship with yourself must come first.

This is the work that I do. And it's the most challenging and rewarding path I could have ever dreamed up for myself. It's my soul's calling to guide you into putting yourself first so that you can pursue all that you want from life.

If you've read this far, you're awesome and I want to know more about you too!

If you are ready to start putting yourself first, apply to work with me here.

We all face big challenges in our lives. I want to hear about yours!



"Loving yourself is a non-linear journey, and it's the most rewarding one you can embark on."


"I'll start by saying it feels like fate that I found Kari. When I started searching for a life coach, I honestly had no idea what I was really looking for. I had reached a pretty low place in life, with the loss of the father and grandfather within 6 weeks and significant weight gain after my wedding.

What I have worked on with Kari boils down to one thing: self-love. Self-love drives so much. I have entirely changed the way I think and speak about myself. I have forgiven myself for letting my weight get to the point it did, which has lead to a self-compassion that I've never known before.

And without Kari, I know I would not be in this place today. Kari is an extremely kind and intelligent woman, but she will also always be honest with you. Kari has guided me from a really sad, lost place to a beautiful place of growth. I have begun to lose weight again but I have gained such an understanding of WHY I want to lose weight and its not to please anyone but myself.

I have gained so much love for myself and gratitude for others. Long story short: I would recommend Kari to anyone. I even did recommend her to my mom and she has begun her journey with Kari by her side."


Coaching Client 

"Kari's coaching helped provide structure and warmth to my journey when I was seeking to make some positive changes. Always using her keen intuition as to where I could lean in further with my self-care, she guided me through tips for everything from diet and breathing to personal routines and self-talk.

Kari is such a radiant light with a special talent for making you believe in your own ability to reach a higher potential. I highly recommend enlisting her help for a personalized program that will provide lasting results."


Coaching Client 

"Generally when it came to self-care I sort of thought 'yeah yeah yeah, I watch TV and relax at night, that's my self-care.' But I've learned it's more than that, it's being intentional. I had to think about how I would show love and attention to my family. In the courses with Kari I learned my body and my soul is deserving of the same amount of intentional love and attention. So thank you for that Kari. I feel like a have a tangible way to bridge the gap between tolerating myself and liking myself!" 


Soul Power Woman 

Your connection to yourself matters


Kari has coached over 2,000 people into better health, and relationships to themselves. Her passion and mission to help people live well drives her daily work.

Featured On: MindBodyGreen, Whole30, 20some, Psychohealthology Summit, The Paelo Mom, Sirens of Seattle, the LiveWell Podcast and more.

She is a Certified Health & Life Coach trained at the Institute for Transformational Nutrition.

Currently Kari has done over 120 hours of in-depth training in the Focusing Technique to become a Certified Focusing Professional in 2019.

Kari is a Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in body connection and adaptive movement. Kari has trained over 300 hours at the Amba School of Embodiment and continues to deepen her physical and elemental practice. 


​This is where I share. Join me.

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